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We are proud to be distributing the largest variety of yerba mate brands, gourds, and bombillas in North America.  We are also the exclusive importer of Argentina’s favorite Organic Yerba Mate, La Esquina de Las Flores. But most of all, we love yerba mate.

During my undergraduate years in college, I had the opportunity to be introduced to this amazing drink by a group of Latin American farmers visiting my workplace, a nonprofit international farming agency. Each day, as we drove out to the farmlands, we conquered cultural and language barriers as we shared gourds of yerba mate. When the farmers departed, my connection to their community remained in my heart. The farmers gave me more than a tea tradition. They fed my soul and inspired my journey to start a business based on social responsibility.
Although yerba mate was introduced to me as a simple alternative to coffee, I soon learned through my research that it is actually derived from a tropical plant that is packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It acts as an antioxidant and a stimulant, and contains medicinal properties. As I unearthed the benefits of yerba mate, the intense bond I had formed with the Latin American farmers tugged at my heart and stayed in my head. I wanted to share not only the healthy qualities of yerba mate with my friends, but also the communal bonding experience of ritually sharing this drink.
On a student’s budget, I soon discovered that I could only afford to dip into the ritual elements, rather than drink yerba mate as it is customarily enjoyed in Latin America, where it is a daily source of nutrition and energy. Traditionally, yerba mate uses a large proportion of tea to water, and the cost of importing large amounts of the tea was prohibitive. When I did splurge in purchasing the tea, I then faced the dilemma of how to brew and drink it. In Latin America, yerba mate is brewed in a specific style of gourd and sipped through a special straw to fully take in the nourishment.

Martin, a 30 year old artisan who lives in Buenos Aires, hand-carves a gourd used for drinking yerba mate tea.

My desire for the tea, combined with my humanistic philosophies, led me to develop a small business network. My goal was to bring affordable bulk yerba mate to my friends and acquaintances. At the time I did not envision that my network would expand to eventually offer the largest variety of yerba mate teas and accessories in the United States. I did, however, consciously decide to take the path less traveled by creating a business model with a primary goal driven by humanistic philosophies. I designed my business around fairness, respect and cooperation in every aspect of the business from producer to consumer.
In many ways, this ancient, ritually shared tea that feeds the soul is the antithesis of greed and selfishness. I began to understand why the tradition of a community drink – one that opens hearts and minds while healing and nourishing the body – would have difficulty blossoming in our busy, individualistic culture. In order to be true to myself, I vowed to stay true to the tea and to the Latin American culture. I achieved that goal by simply selling the product as it is sold in South America where prices are affordable for all socioeconomic levels of society. I brought integrity to the forefront by introducing the wonderful health benefits of the tea to as many people as possible.
I was also committed to fairness and honesty with my suppliers in South America. I knew that the only way to successfully accomplish this goal was to bridge the cultural and language barriers. For six months, I split my time living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Colonia, Uruguay. In business terms, the experience was both practical and useful. Personally, it was priceless. I built friendships that allowed me to learn about the human side of yerba mate. As my South American friends and I shared thoughts, ideas and laughter over this amazing drink, the metaphors of all it represented nurtured the foundation of my business network.
Being immersed in the culture propelled me on my path toward progress. I brought information to my network that could only be learned by living among the drink and its drinkers. With an understanding of the language and the culture, I formed symbiotic relationships with my suppliers. I found that we shared the same ethical business beliefs. With a commitment to ourselves and to each other, we brought a new vision to the North American market.



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Toll Free: 1-888-MATE-TEA (1-888-628-3832)


Comment from Ryan Garrett
Time September 14, 2009 at 8:21 PM

Jon, How do you sell this? What amts, and in what form? I am considering a french press. Your thoughts on a better way…for someone who is really busy and really loves bold coffee. Where did you go to college?

Comment from Jon
Time September 15, 2009 at 1:29 AM

Hello Ryan:
Yerba Mate is traditionally purchased in 1 pound or 2 pound bags. We also distribute 7 pound for small coffee shops and 33 pounds for our clients that repackage the yerba mate under their own brand. Here is something that may help you think about how to drink it:

Preperation Methods
To easily extract the maximum amount of antioxidants and other plentiful nutrients use these easy extraction tools.

Traditional Method: The shape of a special gourd (Mate) compresses the Yerba Mate around the special straw (Bombilla), allowing the maximum extraction of abundant nutrients. World’s most popular extraction method.

YerbaCup: The easiest to use yerba mate extractor. Fill top with yerba mate and fill bottom with water. Enjoy anywhere.

French Press, coffee pot, strainer, or tea balls: Much more nutritious than using coffee or other teas, but not as effective as the traditional method or YerbaCup at extracting nutrients.

Yum! Mix with mint leaves, cinnamon sticks, honey, lemon juice, herbs, or any other flavor you crave!

I went to UW Madison and Georgia State.
The yerba will not jolt your muscles like the coffee, but will help you stay really busy without crashing.


Comment from Amy Smith
Time October 25, 2009 at 3:29 AM

Hi Jon,

Thank you for introducing me to this exciting “way of life”. I have been researching the YerbaMate health benefits. I have a few questions about taking prescriptions meds (for cholersterol and estrogen, for example) AND drinking the Yerba mate. But, I am REALLY excited and interested in getting started. I actually have gotten 4 different households interested in joining me in conducting a “study” : ) on the medical/ physical benefits from drinking YerbaMate. So……
I need to purchase 8 Yerbacups, 2 gourds and 2 straws. My idea is that all 4 households (8 people) committ to drinking YerbaMate, daily, using the Yerbacup for the adults on the go, and two of the adults using the gourd. How much tea would each houshold need for a 1 month supply? Roughly? I know how you love puzzles. We would like to get started on November 1st and track our results throughout the month. I predict that by December 1st, you will have several new customers. Please shoot me an email with product costs (for paraphanelia and 1 month supply X 4). I would like to get it asap, since I will be shipping some of it to Texas.

See you Monday. Feel free to call me with questions.
Stay cool!

Comment from Mare
Time October 31, 2013 at 8:40 PM

Hello, for people from Argentina, drinking mate is a communication process, a social affair, a ritual, and so much more. The last thing we actually think of is the energy or nutrition. From an early age we start sharing mate with our family and friends, and it symbolizes so much more. Mate bonds our souls. Some people believe that you become an adult the day you brew and drink mate by yourself to ponder about your life.
I am living in Charlotte, NC, and was really surprised to find someone so interested in, not only selling it, but also in what it means.
Good luck! I’ll visit next time I;m in Asheville .

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